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Nonfiction Books by Ken Cashion

Soft Covers

Random Thoughts From A Veering Mind...A Journal of Whimsy

Solder Slinger...An Engineer's Journey From the Future to the Past

Long Captions Volume One: Thirty-Three True Stories

Long Captions Volume Two: Thirty-Three True Stories

An American's Travel Journal of Britain: 23,000 Miles in the Left Lane

Social History of Britain: From First Humans to the Creation of Great Britain

Long Captions...Sixty-Six True Stories

Musings For Music Lovers...With A Bit Of History  

Berlin Girl...Her Story 1929 - 1952

Ball Turret Gunner...Weather Bad/Flak Heavy

And New Soft Cover Books Coming Soon

A Social History of the United States...And Other Disasters


Social History of Britain: From First Humans to the Creation of Great Britain

Berlin Girl...Her Story 1929 - 1952

Musings For Music Lovers...With A Bit Of History 

All Published by Luddite Publishers

The Photo ClipJoint

Images arranged by various subjects; research, music, but few are personal.

The Sound ClipJoint

Website of Cashion doing his preferred music.

201 of his favorite songs with comments about each song and instrument used.

Plus samples by many of his music friends here and beyond.

Personal YouTube Video Links

Music performances plus various other subjects; not all about Cashion.

Free On-Line Stories & Articles

All by Cashion and about the aerospace industry, & early & World War II aviation

Family Reunion, Cleburne, Texas

Cashion family images, Gen. Cleburne Celebration with images and video of muzzle- loaded cannon firings.

A Tribute to Charles M. Dillingham, Jr.

Images, his songs, and correspondence with Cashion.

A Tribute to Jon "Doc" Meeks.

His Music. Jon taught Cashion how to finger pick guitar in 1964 Houston.

The League for Electric Soaring

A Flight Achievement Program. This was very popular once - should be again.


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