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Personal Music Performances

   wpe4088.jpg (72015 bytes)    "Medley in "D"   First song of four from Froggy Bottom, April 2017.

   wpe408D.jpg (70746 bytes)    "Breezin' Aong With The Breeze" Second song of four from                                                                  Froggy Bottom, April 2017.

   wpe408E.jpg (68049 bytes)     "The Remember Song" 

                                                                Third song of four from Froggy Bottom, April 2017.

    wpe408F.jpg (65033 bytes)    "Blow'em Away" 

                                             Fourth song of four from Froggy Bottom, April 2017.

    wpe4090.jpg (70317 bytes)    Full "Froggy Bottom" Presentation

                                                        All four-song presentation from Froggy Bottom, April 2017. 


              wpe3E1F.jpg (33263 bytes)    "Tribute to Mississippi John Hurt."

      The Mississippi Delta, June 17, 2014.

              wpe3426.jpg (7226 bytes)    "Bonnie Parker's Grave Site & Her Poem."

Dallas, Texas, February 13, 2014.

wpe3D11.jpg (7602 bytes)    "Tribute to Jimmie Rodgers, The Blue Yodeler."

Meridian, Mississippi, May 28, 2013.

wpe3A45.jpg (6223 bytes)   "Tribute to Cindy Walker; Songwriter."

Mexia, Texas, February 20, 2013.

wpe343C.jpg (6389 bytes)    "Betty & Dupree" S. Mississippi, April 14, 2012.

wpe343A.jpg (7002 bytes)    "High Flying Bird" S. Mississippi, April 14, 2012.

wpe343B.jpg (6492 bytes)    "Frankie & Johnny II" S. Mississippi, April 14, 2012.

wpe3439.jpg (6216 bytes)     "Texas Rangers" S. Mississippi, April 14, 2012.

wpe3459.jpg (7404 bytes)    "I Sang Dixie" Wimberley, Texas, 2010.

wpe3455.jpg (5982 bytes)    "I Don't Fool Nobody But Me" Wimberley, Texas, 2010.

wpe3461.jpg (6539 bytes)     "I've Been All Around The World"  Wimberley, Texas, 2010.

wpe3426.jpg (6912 bytes)   "Did'ja' Hear?" (At a friend's house in Desoto, Texas)

wpe3E25.jpg (10581 bytes)   "I Lie When I Drink" (At a local jam session.)

Miscellaneous Video Subjects

              wpe342B.jpg (18402 bytes) "A Raging Lion Fight"  

                                                                             September 9, 2016.  Staged by Charlie & William (brothers).

              wpe3FEC.jpg (11272 bytes)Marci does "Brand New Key"

                                  (The Roller Skate Song)

April 29, 2016.  This is Marci Harnden doing one her good songs.  The song was written by Melanie, 1971.

              wpe3426.jpg (3502 bytes)"Music in the Moonlight" Uke demonstration.

February 19, 2016.  I made this for some distant uke-playing friends who wanted to learn this song that I do often.

wpe3426.jpg (8113 bytes)The Capo and Chord Shapes

November 1, 2013.  Just a little guitar demonstration.  15 mins:19 secs. long.

wpe3460.jpg (8804 bytes)"I Don't Reckon It Will Happen Again"  (Cheap camera test.)

wpe343F.jpg (8020 bytes)Hurricane Isaac Flood At Our House

This was on Aug. 30 - Sept. 1, 2012.

There is no audio, but there are caption pages giving necessary information.  6 mins. long.

wpe343E.jpg (5065 bytes)Honey Island Swamp Tour With Alligators

When Bettie's sister, Priscilla visited from Alaska. 34 mins. long.

wpe343D.jpg (7421 bytes)Freer Girl Returns Home in 1989

A video essay that Bettie did on a trip to Freer. 34 mins. long.

.wpe3443.jpg (7062 bytes)Installing Amplifier Inside Acoustic Guitar

In detail. It is nearly an hour long.

.wpe3444.jpg (11819 bytes)How to Cap Hall Carpet Runners

Humorously done with real pain.

wpe3D63.jpg (8193 bytes)Private Posting for a Friend

This is from a Fred Sokolow instructional DVD and they are superb!

  (Sorry, Fred. )

.wpe3D64.jpg (11061 bytes)Private Posting for a Friend

This is an outtake of Jake Shimabuckura from a long YouTube.

.wpe3445.jpg (8502 bytes)The Duncan Sisters as Eva & Topsy

(This is for theater historians; not for the politically correct.)

.wpe3425.jpg (10745 bytes)A Tribute to Charles M. Dillingham, Jr.

Charlie doing his "Another Man's Girl (Old Milan Bar)"

And doing his "3 a.m. Greyhound Depot"


   Charlie was another poet who took his best work with him when he left us.  We are poorer for his passing, but we were made more complete by his being here and sharing.

He left Feb. 14. 2011.

wpe3462.jpg (11306 bytes) A Tribute to Jerry Smartt -- American Runner

Sept. 11, 1931
June 12, 2012

Jerry Smartt, age 80, of Warsaw, MO, was born in Donna, Texas on September 11, 1931 and passed away at his home June 12th, after a very brief illness.

Jerry started college at Kilgore Junior College, Texas, then attended Colorado State University, and later the University of Texas in Houston on a track scholarship. He received his Master's in Education.  He served in the Air Force for four years being stationed in Okinawa during the Korean conflict.

Jerry had an amazing competitive running career for over 60 years. He was a member of the US track team at the 1956 Olympics in Melbourne, Australia.   Later, he coached the National track teams of Iran and Turkey. For many years, Jerry built radio-controlled airplanes and flew them in National competition.

.wpe3454.jpg (3068 bytes)Sailplanes of England

.wpe3449.jpg (5460 bytes)Sailplane Flight in England

.wpe341C.jpg (9347 bytes)wpe3424.jpg (5559 bytes)

Vintage Steam Engines & Foundry

.wpe3448.jpg (10655 bytes)Vintage Engines In Britain

 wpe3E26.jpg (8046 bytes)Moving CGs in Sailplane Modifications III

.wpe3425.jpg (6050 bytes)Disconnecting BEC from ESC

.wpe3D12.jpg (12178 bytes)Determining Proper Prop On E-Sailplane II

.wpeB.jpg (6264 bytes)Modifying A Sailplane For Brushless Motor I

.wpe3D11.jpg (4965 bytes)Fun Flying With LiteStick in the Wind

.wpe3D45.jpg (3113 bytes)Aeronica Champ Braving The Wind

.wpe3D44.jpg (12219 bytes)Maiden Flight of Fw-190A

.wpe3C33.jpg (7983 bytes)Hobby King's e-Habicht and Necessary Modifications

.wpe3442.jpg (2876 bytes)Cashion's Lil' Cumulus Flying

.wpe345C.jpg (4713 bytes)Airborne Video Camera on Model Plane #1

wpe3452.jpg (5952 bytes)Airborne Video #2

wpe3440.jpg (6719 bytes)Airborne Video #3

wpe3424.jpg (5948 bytes)Airborne Video #4

wpe3451.jpg (9158 bytes)Valentine Sign Downtown Picayune, MS

wpe345B.jpg (9372 bytes)Living Easy on a Southern River

wpe3450.jpg (10647 bytes)Vintage Ice-Cream Van Chime

wpe345A.jpg (5369 bytes)Corfe Village & Castle in England

Gen. Cleburne Celebration, Cleburne, Texas.

wpe344E.jpg (8060 bytes)  Civil War Cannon Firing #1

wpe344F.jpg (8348 bytes)Civil War Cannon Firing #2


Music Performances by Rita Williams

wpe344A.jpg (3959 bytes)"Thoroughly Modern Millie"

wpe344C.jpg (4576 bytes)"Make Believe"

wpe344D.jpg (4997 bytes)"When Irish Eyes Are Smiling"

wpe345E.jpg (4407 bytes)"If I Had A Talking Picture Of You"

wpe3446.jpg (5133 bytes)"Hold Me"

wpe3447.jpg (4938 bytes)"Alice Blue Gown"

wpe3457.jpg (4061 bytes)The British Music Hall

wpe3456.jpg (6141 bytes)"Pennies From Heaven"

wpe3458.jpg (3858 bytes)"How You Gonna' Keep Them Down On The Farm?"

wpe345D.jpg (6184 bytes)"Poor Butterfly"



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